Recipe: Tasty Fitness Glass Yoghurt -Diet Dessert


Fitness Glass Yoghurt -Diet Dessert. Whip together Greek yogurt, a splash of heavy cream, and a drizzle of honey and the result is a simple, velvety dessert that could just as easily make a luxe breakfast. All the components can be made a few days ahead of time so all you really need to do at dessert time is just assemble them. Try the highest-rated yogurt recipes from BBC Good Food.

Diet healthy dessert with yogurt, granola and fresh berries. Parfait dessert of yogurt, granola and fresh berries Homemade yogurt parfait with granola, strawberries, bananas and Chia seeds in glasses. The yogurt diet has a main goal: eat everyday natural or fruit flavored yogurt, which As a dessert: a bowl with two low-fat natural-flavored yogurts with strawberries and grape. You can cook Fitness Glass Yoghurt -Diet Dessert using 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Fitness Glass Yoghurt -Diet Dessert

  1. You need 2 dl of Greek Yoghurt.
  2. You need of Oat Biscuits.
  3. You need 20 g of Chia Seeds.
  4. Prepare 1 piece of Peach.
  5. You need 1 piece of Kiwi.
  6. It’s 0 of % Sugar Whipped Cream.

The yogurt-based diet is not suitable for those with high cholesterol or kidney stones or. Make one of these lighter Greek yogurt dessert recipes next time you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. When your sweet tooth comes a-calling, these Greek yogurt dessert recipes are exactly what you need. The protein-rich dairy pick is the perfect ingredient swap in many decadent desserts—you.

Fitness Glass Yoghurt -Diet Dessert step by step

  1. Put the Greek Yoghurt in the glass. Mix in the Chia Seeds. This is gonna be the base of your delicious dessert..
  2. Crash the the Oat Biscuits into small pieces and top it on the base..
  3. Now you can slice the fruits and add it to the base..
  4. Now you can add the 0% Sugar Whipped Cream. You can also use cocoa powder or cinnamon on the top..

Yogurt is healthy, thick, creamy, good in taste, versatile and delivers similar nutritional benefits like milk and lots more. Tip: Have a glass of water with your yogurt and it improves the. Yogurt is also a versatile ingredient for recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts. When recipes call for cream, sour cream, or mayonnaise, low-fat plain yogurt can easily stand in for part or all of the higher-fat ingredients.

Recipe: Tasty Fitness Glass Yoghurt -Diet Dessert

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