Recipe: Delicious Feta cheese salad and black olives


Feta cheese salad and black olives. A co-worker introduced me to this salad. The combination sounds odd, but it all works! The sweetness of the melon, the tanginess of the feta, and the tartness of the lime In a large bowl, combine the feta cheese cubes with the watermelon cubes, the black olives, parsley, mint, olive oil, and pepper.

Add to the garlic, red onion, olives and spinach. Hot And Spicy Spinach, Sun Dried Tomato, and Feta Cheese SaladO Meu Tempero. dried tomatoes, pizza dough, feta cheese, pitted black olives. Panko Breaded Feta Cheese with Truffled Honey VinaigretteAlways Use Butter. You can have Feta cheese salad and black olives using 9 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Feta cheese salad and black olives

  1. It’s of Salad.
  2. You need pieces of Cucumber cut into small.
  3. Prepare pieces of Onions cut to small piece.
  4. Prepare pieces of I use Iceberg lettuce is my favorite and also Romen heart lettuce cut into.
  5. You need pieces of Tamato cut into pieces.
  6. Prepare of green pepper optional.
  7. You need pieces of Feta cheese made into crumbs or small.
  8. You need of Pitted Black olives.
  9. Prepare of Hummus as a side dish optional.

This warm, savoury tomato salad with feta cheese and black olives is ideal on its own for dinner. A simple way to enjoy a salad on a colder day! It also works great as a side salad, perhaps to serve with another typical Spanish dish such as flamenquines (breaded or crumbed pork rolls). In a large salad bowl, combine sliced olives, diced avocado, tomatoes, capers and feta cheese; set aside.

Feta cheese salad and black olives instructions

  1. Cut the salad.
  2. Add feta cheese mix with salad.
  3. Decorate with olives.
  4. Enjoy with bread I usually eat this for breakfast because it taste amazing.
  5. Serve hummus as a side dish i would also put it in the middle of my salad to save on cleaning extra dishes I love the chipotle hummus.
  6. Here. Is another pic from another time I made this.

In a small mixing bowl whisk together lime juice, extra virgin olive oil, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper; whisk until well incorporated. Taste for seasonings and adjust accordingly. Detail view of Greek salad served in bowl isolated on white background. Greek salad with fresh vegetables, feta cheese, pasta and black olives Warm salad with french beans, cherry tomatoes, black olives, feta cheese and wheat croutons Green vegetable salad bowl with olives and feta cheese on white wooden background, top view, copy space. Prepare the cheese: Pat feta cheese dry with paper towels.

Recipe: Delicious Feta cheese salad and black olives

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