How to Prepare Perfect salmon and cream cheese pinchos


salmon and cream cheese pinchos. What a delicious way to get your salmon and your veggies!!! It's quick and easy to put together and is truly gourmet. They'll think you did alot more in the kitchen than you actually did (it'll be our little In a small bowl, mix together the cream cheese, minced garlic, parsley and a sprinkle of pepper.

Mac & Cheese Muffins. *Get more RECIPES from Raining Hot Coupons here* *Pin it* by clicking the PIN button on the image above! Quick and easy puff pastry wheels with smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese are a great appetizer for your next party or dinner invitation. Dust a flat work surface lightly with flour. You can have salmon and cream cheese pinchos using 6 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of salmon and cream cheese pinchos

  1. You need of smoked salmon.
  2. It’s of Philadelphia cream cheese.
  3. You need of alfalfa sprouts.
  4. It’s of onion.
  5. Prepare of thai sause.
  6. Prepare of pieces of bread.

Unroll puff pastry and roll out to a rectangle. Spread a thin layer of herbed cream cheese over the puff pastry. Cream cheese and smoked salmon isn't just good on bagels—use this recipe for quick and easy finger sandwiches for an afternoon tea party or lunch. Spread all slices of bread evenly with cream cheese.

salmon and cream cheese pinchos step by step

  1. minx cream cheese and chopped onions, pipe it on the slices of smoked salmon and roll the slices ..
  2. Toast two slices of baguette ..
  3. Spread alfalfa sprouts on the baguette and arrange the rolled salmon pieces ..
  4. Thai chilli sauce on the salmon ..
  5. Garnish with walnuts and serve ..

Cover one side of the sandwich with slices of salmon. Season with lemon juice and spices/herbs. And when topped with my favorite cream cheese, smoked salmon, and variety of toppings, they're always a hit with a crowd! Spread your desired amount of cream cheese on top of each pastry square, followed by a piece of smoked salmon. Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese, Capers, and Red Onion.

How to Prepare Perfect salmon and cream cheese pinchos

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