Recipe: Yummy Wonton Noodle (Salmon Version)


Wonton Noodle (Salmon Version).

You can create Wonton Noodle (Salmon Version) by using 17 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is what you need to do to cook that:

Ingredients of Wonton Noodle (Salmon Version)

  1. Prepare of Seasoning for the Noodle.
  2. Prepare of tspn light soy sauce.
  3. You need of tspn dark soy sauce.
  4. Prepare of tspn sweet soy sauce.
  5. You need of tspn garlic oil (see below).
  6. It’s of tspn sesame oil.
  7. Prepare of Noodles Dip Ingriedients.
  8. You need of water.
  9. Prepare of tspn chicken stock (THICK).
  10. Prepare of tspn soy sauce.
  11. It’s of Pepper.
  12. It’s of corn starch to make it thick.
  13. Prepare of oyster sauce.
  14. Prepare of Other ingriedients.
  15. You need of Wonton Noodle 1 roll from the pack for one serving. Or as needed.
  16. It’s of Bok Choy.
  17. You need of Salmon fillet.

Wonton Noodle (Salmon Version) instructions

  1. To make garlic oil just fry 4 clove of garlic until crispy on 2 tbsp oil. Set aside.
  2. Steam the Salmon with the bok choy. Feel free to add seasoning on salmon. I only added pepper. As most of the flavours comes from the noodles mix..
  3. Heat up 1 cup water, add all the noodle dip ingriedients and dilute well..
  4. In another bowl add in all the noodle seasoning..
  5. Now in hot water dip the wonton noodle then alternatively dip it into the noodle dip. Once you find the noodle is cooked well. Stir it together with the noodle seasoning. Plate it and ready to eat..

Recipe: Yummy Wonton Noodle (Salmon Version)

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