Easiest Way to Prepare Perfect Bento Series # 2 — Trois Fromage et Champignon Pasta


Bento Series # 2 — Trois Fromage et Champignon Pasta.

You can cook Bento Series # 2 — Trois Fromage et Champignon Pasta using 11 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Bento Series # 2 — Trois Fromage et Champignon Pasta

  1. You need 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese.
  2. It’s 3 Tbsp of goat cheese crumbled.
  3. Prepare 2 of balls of burrata quartered (can substitute with mascarpone, ricotta, or mozzarella cheese).
  4. It’s 1 package of Angel Hair pasta.
  5. You need 1 package of baby Portobella mushrooms.
  6. Prepare 1 cup of heavy cream.
  7. It’s to taste of salt and pepper.
  8. You need 1 tsp of chopped garlic (1 medium clove).
  9. Prepare 2 Tbsp of olive oil.
  10. It’s 1 Tbsp of chopped parsley for garnish and flavor.
  11. It’s of Optional — Cooked chicken or shrimp.

Bento Series # 2 — Trois Fromage et Champignon Pasta instructions

  1. In a pan sautee mushrooms with a little olive oil. DO NOT ADD SALT!.
  2. Tip #1: Mushrooms lose all their juices when they are introduced to salt so if you want them to get nice and browned, don’t add any salt until you are about to take them out..
  3. Tip #2: Mushrooms absorb all the oil at first, then release some with their juices. Don’t freak out if all the oil disappears when you add the mushrooms, it isn’t magic, you didn’t forget to add oil, the mushrooms are just very thirsty at first, they will release some of the oil soon enough..
  4. Take cooked mushrooms off the pan before they burn and set aside..
  5. Add garlic to the oil and sautee for a few seconds, you just want to heat it through to release its oils. Add the cream to the pan and stir. Set temperature to medium low..
  6. Meanwhile boil pasta per box instructions. Make sure you DON’T overcook. You actually want it a little under cooked since you will finish it in the sauce so subtract 1 minute from the al-dente cooking time. Something very important, as anyone on Food Network will tell you SALT THE WATER! Unsalted pasta is yucky, so grab a small fist of salt (about 3 Tbsp if you want to be technical) and fling it into that pot with all the determination of an Iron Chef!.
  7. While pasta boils add salt and pepper to the sauce (I know you are still pumped from that salt flinging bit a second ago, but here we have to exercise restraint!). Also add Parmesan cheese, goat cheese, and burrata. Stir in all the cheeses until sauce becomes nice and creamy..
  8. Add mushrooms and chicken (or shrimp) to sauce, just to warm through. Then add pasta to sauce. It is ok if some pasta water gets in the sauce. Stir until pasta and sauce are well combined. Let cook for another 2-3 minutes. Add parsley..
  9. Serve immediately. If packing in bento box, let it cool to room temperature before adding to box. Note: There might be some separation if microwaved. (Btw “separation” is when the sauce breaks and it looks like all the oil is running away from the other ingredients, this happens when the sauce gets too hot which is easy to happen in a microwave.) If you don’t want this to happen store food in a tightly sealed bento box at room temperature until you eat it. Preferably eat within five hours of ma.

Easiest Way to Prepare Perfect Bento Series # 2 — Trois Fromage et Champignon Pasta

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