Recipe: Perfect Muskmelon with Chia Seeds & Faluda Smoothie


Muskmelon with Chia Seeds & Faluda Smoothie. Related Searches for muskmelon seeds: sunflower seeds black seed oil cotton seed hull soybean seed non gmo soybean seed seed tray chia seeds sesame seeds watermelon seeds flax seeds green pumpkin seed musk melon seeds More. To begin with Mango Musk Melon Chia Seeds Pudding, take mango and muskmelon pulp into a large bowl and add the milk. Take the smoothie in a large bowl, add chia seeds and pistachios, whisk well to combine.

Health Benefits Of Muskmelon Seeds / Kharbuja Magaj: Muskmelon Seeds benefits for Weight Loss, It has special fiber in it helps in losing the weight. Muskmelon (Cucumis melo) is a species of melon that has been developed into many cultivated varieties. These include smooth-skinned varieties such as honeydew, Crenshaw, and casaba. You can cook Muskmelon with Chia Seeds & Faluda Smoothie using 7 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Muskmelon with Chia Seeds & Faluda Smoothie

  1. It’s 2 cup of muskmelon cubes.
  2. You need 1 tbsp of chia seeds.
  3. It’s 1 tbsp of faluda (homemade).
  4. You need 2 tbsp of rose syrup.
  5. Prepare 1 tbsp of powder sugar.
  6. It’s 1 pinch of black salt.
  7. You need 1 pinch of white salt.

Thai Muskmelon (Tang Thai) Popular in Thailand, it is a medium sized melon that is oblong in shape. Sold by Meta USA and ships from Amazon. Chia seeds are high in nutritional value and easy to digest. Digesting chia seeds may be difficult for infants and toddlers, but once a baby's digestion process is developed.

Muskmelon with Chia Seeds & Faluda Smoothie step by step

  1. Soak Chia seeds in a cup of water for fifteen minutes..
  2. In a bowl, put the faluda and add rose syrup mix well..
  3. Put the muskmelon cubes, sugar, white and black salt in the blender and blend it well till it becomes smooth..
  4. Now take a glass, put the layer of the faluda after that chia seeds layer and on the top pour the smooth paste of muskmelon..
  5. Garnish with little chia seeds, a cube of muskmelon and drizzle with rose syrup..
  6. For cooling, kept it's in the fridge for half an hour or desired..

Extract Name: Muskmelon Seed Extract Powder. There are black chia seeds and white chia seeds. This easy chia jam super quick and easy to make, thickened with chia (instead of tons of extra sugar), and made with real ingredients you can feel great about. They may be small, but chia seeds can do great things for your weight loss. Here are some delicious ways to shrink your gut with the small but mighty chia seed!

Recipe: Perfect Muskmelon with Chia Seeds & Faluda Smoothie

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