Recipe: Yummy Salmon cooked in soy sauce


Salmon cooked in soy sauce. Simple, delicious recipe fish baked in the oven. The recipe is suitable for cooking almost any red fish. Usually I cook so Ketu and pink Salmon, both Add soy sauce.

It's an extremely quick dinner option and Sugared Soy Sauce Salmon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying Salmon doesn't take long to cook. Once you start seeing the sugary crust form, you can. You can cook Salmon cooked in soy sauce using 5 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Salmon cooked in soy sauce

  1. It’s 100 g of salmon.
  2. It’s of soy sauce.
  3. You need of honey garlic sauce.
  4. Prepare 100 g of spinach.
  5. It’s 1 of avocado.

The salmon marinade is classic Japanese flavours – soy sauce, mirin and sake. It doesn't get anymore "Japanese" than that! I marinaded these salmon fillets overnight and cooked in my air fryer. They were perfectly cooked and seasoned.

Salmon cooked in soy sauce step by step

  1. Add a little water to the pan.
  2. Put salmon in.
  3. Add 3 table spoons of soysauce, 1 table spoon of honey garlic sauce. You could replace honey garlic sauce with sugar, the sauce is used for reducing the salty taste of soy sauce.
  4. Cook the salmon well in the sauce.
  5. How to serve: Add spinach at the bottom of the dish / bow.
  6. Salmon above spinach, pour the sauce on top.
  7. Add avocado to another corner. DONE!.

My son who has never liked salmon asked for. When I cook salmon on the stove, I need to keep it medium rare to get a moist texture. But when baking, I've found that the fish will taste very juicy and To add a quick side dish, you could try the Garlic Spinach in Chicken Broth, Broccoli with Oyster Sauce, or Baby bok Choy with Garlic Soy Sauce. Today, I'm going to teach you how easy it is to make this delicious dish. If you like to eat salmon or want to eat a light meal this dish is.

Recipe: Yummy Salmon cooked in soy sauce

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