Recipe: Appetizing Sun Dried Tomato Pasta


Sun Dried Tomato Pasta. Sun-dried tomatoes are a common ingredient in Italian cuisine. Italians originally dried tomatoes on their ceramic rooftops. This Sun Dried Tomato Pasta features tender spaghetti layered with flavorful bits of sun dried tomatoes, lots of spinach, fresh basil, rich Parmesan and buttery pine nuts.

I like to serve this Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Pasta hot like other creamy pastas but people I've given leftovers of this to said that it's just as nice at room temperature. Changes to the Original Sun Dried Tomato Pasta Recipe: Many readers were having trouble with the original recipe, so I reformulated it a bit based on my experience creating one pot pastas since this recipe was originally posted (it's now based on my One Pot Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta). Asiago Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. You can have Sun Dried Tomato Pasta using 7 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Sun Dried Tomato Pasta

  1. Prepare of your favorite pasta. Fusilli pasta always looks pretty!.
  2. Prepare of jar of sun dried tomatoes packed in oil.
  3. It’s of garlic.
  4. You need of fresh spinach (2 handfuls).
  5. It’s of fresh basil.
  6. You need of Crushed red pepper flakes,.
  7. You need of grated Locatelli cheese.

Add the tuna, salt, and pepper, and mix until thoroughly combined. Then when I was stirring the pasta with the tomatoes spinach and chicken I put parmesan cheese. It was so good. *I added a little hot sauce to. Just simple, comforting, creamy pasta with sun dried tomato cream sauce that helps people like me win at life.

Sun Dried Tomato Pasta instructions

  1. Prepare pasta to al dente, 8-10 minutes..
  2. While pasta is cooking, blend sun dried tomatoes, including the oil, garlic, basil and red pepper flakes, in a food processor, until it’s well blended and has a pasty texture..
  3. Drain pasta, reserving one cup of pasta water..
  4. Add pasta back into the pot over medium heat, along with the reserved cup of water, tomato mixture and spinach..
  5. Stir over medium heat until spinach begins to wilt..
  6. Add the Locatelli and top with more fresh basil..
  7. Serve with a loaf of Italian bread..
  8. Buon appetito! 🇮🇹.

Homemade sun-dried tomato pesto with pasta and roasted vegetables is an easy weeknight dinner! This vegetarian recipe is easily made vegan and gluten Sun-dried tomato pesto has been on my list for ages now, so when my friends at DeLallo asked me to create a recipe that highlights their fantastic. We are officially back on our school time routine. Early morning breakfast, school lunches, drop off, pick up, and after school sports. Four ingredient sun-dried tomato pesto made in a food processor then combined with hot gemelli pasta (←love love this pasta).

Recipe: Appetizing Sun Dried Tomato Pasta

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