How to Prepare Yummy Sausage and Mushroom Pasta in a Parmesan Cream


Sausage and Mushroom Pasta in a Parmesan Cream.

You can cook Sausage and Mushroom Pasta in a Parmesan Cream using 20 ingredients and 14 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Sausage and Mushroom Pasta in a Parmesan Cream

  1. It’s of Panko bread crumbs.
  2. It’s of grated Parmesan cheese.
  3. You need of parsley, minced (divided in half).
  4. It’s of green onions, minced (divided in half).
  5. Prepare of garlic, minced (divided in half).
  6. Prepare of olive oil.
  7. You need of Butter.
  8. It’s of Italian sausage, removed from casing.
  9. It’s of mushrooms, sliced.
  10. It’s of thyme.
  11. You need of sesame seeds.
  12. You need of large onion, diced.
  13. It’s of soy sauce.
  14. You need of fish sauce.
  15. Prepare of lemon juice.
  16. It’s of flour.
  17. Prepare of Chicken or pork stock.
  18. You need of cream.
  19. Prepare of black pepper.
  20. You need of pasta (fusilli or something similar).

Sausage and Mushroom Pasta in a Parmesan Cream instructions

  1. Prepare the topping by combining the panko bread crumbs, 3 oz of Parmesan, 1/2 the parsley, green onions, and garlic, and the olive oil. Toss the mixture using a spoon until evenly distributed..
  2. Melt the butter in a large (12+" skillet). Brown the sausage over medium-high heat and remove from the pan leaving the fat..
  3. Increase the heat to high and add the mushrooms, thyme and sesame seeds to the pan. Cook until the mushrooms give up their liquid and it evaporates. This is one of your few breaks, so now's the time to open a bottle of wine and have a glass while you wait for the mushrooms to cook down..
  4. When the liquid has evaporated, add the onions and continue to saute until deeply browned, ~10 min. This is where the dish is going to build flavor..
  5. When the onions and mushrooms have taken on a deep color, add the garlic and cook briefly (1 min)..
  6. Quickly deglaze the pan with the soy sauce, fish sauce, and lemon juice..
  7. Sprinkle the flour on top of the mixture. Stir the flour into the mixture and cook until a film begins to form on the bottom of the pan..
  8. Add the stock to the pan and stir until the sauce is even. Bring to a simmer..
  9. While the sauce is simmering, bring a medium pot of salted water to a boil and cook the pasta until just before al-dente. It will finish cooking in the sauce. Pre-heat the oven's broiler. Have some more wine..
  10. Add the cream, reserved parmesan, and the other half of the parsley and green onions to the sauce..
  11. Reserve 1 cup of the pasta water, and then drain the remaining pasta..
  12. Add the reserved pasta water, the reserved sausage, and the drained pasta to the pan and toss to coat. Finish by sprinkling the topping evenly over the pasta..
  13. Broil on the second to highest position in the oven for approximately 3 min until the top is browned..
  14. Serve in bowls..

How to Prepare Yummy Sausage and Mushroom Pasta in a Parmesan Cream

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